End the #1 cause of blindness in two decades.


Over 102 million people are blind or severely visually impaired from untreated cataracts (WHO, 2015).  In many developing countries,  nearly 2/3 of blindness is the result of untreated cataracts.

Our three-part model focuses on building sustainable local resources.



Now in its final stages of development, the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator and associated learning system will allow for unprecedented growth in high-quality training in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), an effective, safe surgery that can be completed in five minutes. The technology draws from our founders’ success at FlightSafety International, which now trains 75,000 pilots each year. 

Master Training Modules

While the development of our simulator nears completion, we train and upgrade the skill set of medical personnel interested in learning MSICS, including medical residents, ophthalmologists and other medical professionals.

Training - We train qualified medical professionals in Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery.


Our icon-based app captures patient information and transmits it to partner hospitals in remote areas. A patient intake process that used to take several days to complete can now be done in minutes.

Outreach - We empower community health workers to reach more patients faster and connect them to care.


We have developed a pre-sterilized, disposable surgical kit that ensures high-quality, safe surgeries in even the most remote locations.  HelpMeSee medical experts monitor the outcomes and quality of the surgeries through our cloud based surgical reporting system.

Safe Surgery - We support high-quality, cataract procedures with groundbreaking clinical solutions.